This page is dedicated to those investors who love to get a piece of relatively stable and conservative return out of forex industry.

Forex is such a huge size of market that account for trillions of business volume per day.  With the ample size of the forex market, the opportunities for making money online are limitless. Regardless whether currencies are moving up or down in days and weeks, opportunities for profitable deals are always available. However, making profits in successful trading require having the time to understand how the market moves and how to make the trades. But where is the way to successfully invest in forex without you yourself put in the time and effort? There is a way! – It’s called PAMM or RAMM investments. PAMM stands for Portfolio Assets Management Model or RAMM is also offered which is the acronym for Risk Allocation Management Model. PAMM / RAMM investments are the type of account by having experienced traders do the investing for you via a forex managed account or investing for you in various capital markets such as bonds and shares markets. It’s a partnership between you and the broker whereby you bring in or deposit the capital to be invested and the trader brings the time and their expertise to manage your investment for you. Why would traders want to manage your investment account while managing their own at the same time? This is because they can make bigger trades and more profits. Of course, for their trading effort, they will keep a percentage of the profits they make for you.  In other words, the more profits they make for you also means the more they make for themselves. Therefore, that’s how great motivation for them to manage both your and their investment accounts successfully as well. Check it out how various brokers offer their services. *********************************** Please note that due to market volatility, some of the prices may have already been reached and scenarios played out. The information above is not investment advice. Investors/traders are advised to aware of the risks involved and take necessary research before investing. **********************************