Ramadan Promotions

Instaforex Ramadan Bonus Offer
During the holy month of Ramadan Instaforex offer you a Ramadan Bonus 10%! The advantage of this bonus is that it can be credited in common with permanent 30% and 55% bonuses so the final bonus sum from your deposit will be 40 or 65%!
Campaign open between May 27, 2017 and June 26, 2017.

To get Ramadan Bonus you need to:

1. Deposit your trading account during the campaign period;
2. Get 30% or 55% bonus;
3. Claim for additional +10% within the Ramadan Bonus campaign!

Please note that the presence of 30% or 55% Bonus on your trading account is required to get Ramadan Bonus. Bonus is not available for withdrawal but any profit gained with it can be withdrawn without any restrictions. You can get the bonus just once during the Ramadan period.
Hurry up to get the bonus and start trading right now!

Please signup here now!

******Your capital is at risks. T&Cs apply.*******

FBS Ramadan Charity

Trading on your Ramadan Account starts now! Trade till June 28 with a 300% bonus for deposits and contribute to the charities
Hello traders!
Trading on the Ramadan Accounts starts today from 14:00 MT! You have a month to get the best out of your 300% margin bonus – the more you trade and profit, the more money FBS forwards to the charities as a tribute to Ramadan’s traditions.

That’s what you need to do to start trading from your Ramadan Account:

Deposit $100 or more over the term of the promotion

Get a 300% margin bonus for each deposit of $100 and more;

Trade as you usually do, while FBS is forwarding spreads and IB commission to charity

The more you trade, the more funds are raised for less fortunate and most vulnerable individuals around the world, and the higher you get in the Top Benefactors rating!

Bonus funds and profit are fully withdrawable
Trading from the Ramadan Account closes on June 28.
Take a chance to use great conditions offered by the Ramadan promotion to make more money and help the following charitable funds.

Please signup here.
******Your capital is at risks. T&Cs apply.*******

After the successful MT4 launch of FxChoice Pips+ programme, a programme designed to reward our most active traders, we are delighted to announce that the programme is now also being rolled out on FxChoice MT5 platform.

If you are already an MT5 Pro user, there is nothing you need to do – you will be automatically enrolled on the programme. If you are not an MT5 Pro user and you’d like to join, simply log into your Backoffice and open a new MT5 Pro account.

For those of you who are unaware of our Pips+ programme, take a look at the table below and see how your trading could benefit:

Tier 1

Net Deposit: ≥ $250 000
Commission*: $15
Traded volume: ≥ $100 million
Tier 2

Net Deposit: ≥ $100 000
Commission*: $20
Traded volume: ≥ $50 million
Tier 3

Net Deposit: ≥ $50 000
Commission*: $25
Traded volume: ≥ $25 million
Tier 4

Net Deposit: ≥ $10 000
Commission*: $30
Traded volume: ≥ $10 million
Tier 5

Net Deposit: < $10 000
Commission*: $35
Traded volume: < $10 million
*per USD $1,000,000 traded volume

The more you trade or deposit, the lower your trading costs. It’s that simple.

Should you have any questions about their new Pips+ programme, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Best wishes and happy trading!


******Your capital is at risks. T&Cs apply.*******

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